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In the Kitchen and Studio:

3/16/14 Irish Soda Bread
I had my first experiment in the kitchen this evening. It seemed appropriate to start with Irish Soda Bread since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow. My efforts were great but my ability was lacking on this one. Thank goodness the only image I am showing you is the final result of my efforts. The recipe calls very clearly for a two-pound bag of flour. I of course dismissed these instructions and bought the five-pound bag. I did not realize my mistake until I was home and with a valiant effort I attempted to measure out two pounds based on a ratio of cups per pound. To top off the flour mishap, it turns out I do not have a bowl in my kitchen that is large enough to make this recipe. So from one over flowing mess to the next I was left with a few bowls to clean and flour covering every part of the kitchen that I had just cleaned. I started using the handheld mixer thinking things would improve with the use of technology. I was wrong again and the dough worked its way up into the blender. I wonder how these things even happen. The bread was sticky and I could not fully remove it from the top part of the blender so it will stay there until the next time… I finally got the bread mixed the old fashioned way with my hands. I baked it in the cast iron skillet as called for in the recipe. I served it to my students who to my dismay seemed to actually enjoy it.
In terms of ceramic objects to accompany this recipe. I think the most important aspect is a large mixing bowl to accommodate the amount of flour this recipe calls for. In terms of baking I think I am going to stick with the cast iron skillet that I personally enjoy. For presentation I am going to work on a circular serving dish with a rest for butter.