About Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma developed from an old discolored paper tucked inside my grandmother’s childhood cookbook, Kitchen Fun: A Cook Book for Children. My mom presented me with the book when I was home for a visit. I had been asking questions about recipes of the past. I wanted to make tapioca pudding and I wondered if there was a way to make it from scratch. We found some ‘real’ tapioca at the store and together we made my first batch of real tapioca pudding. It tasted nothing like the red box tapioca pudding I ate as a child, and this is where the story begins…

I gently unfolded the recipe to find many recipes covering the back of a restaurant menu. I imagined that my grandmother or someone’s grandmother had written these down years ago from a memory that was so ingrained within them they had no need for a recipe card. Upon this moment I set out to preserve this history that would soon be gone. I am searching for simple family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, that our grandmothers prepared from scratch working from memory.

I am not sure what form this project will take upon completion. I am letting the journey direct the path it will take. I do plan to work with a few chosen recipes to create a set of tablewares to accompany the food prepared from the recipe. I have not yet resolved where or how these pieces will exist in space and time.

This project is dedicated to my grandmothers, the generous women Charlotte Hansen and Kay Jaeger-Schuetze who have shown me so much love.